Audix F90 (Gold Class)
Audix F90 (Gold Class)

Audix F90 (Gold Class)

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Audix F90 (Gold Class)
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Gold Class
The Audix F90 is a miniature cardioid instrument microphone with an attached gooseneck and clamp mount. The condenser element features a contoured frequency response that eliminates low frequency noise and enhances mid-range presence. The F90 is designed to handle high sound pressure levels (SPL), making it an ideal solution for brass, snare drums, percussion and other instruments that are rich in transient signal response.

Flexible Gooseneck Clamp Mount
The F90 provides a flexible gooseneck and clamp for easy positioning on drum rims, horns, etc.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes noise and audio at the off-axis sections of the microphone. The result is less noise and feedback caused by additional instruments, nearby monitors and room ambiance.

High SPL Handling
The F90 is capable of accurately reproducing signal with high transient (peak) peak response. The result minimizes noise and distortion caused by signal overload.

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